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Information in english

Here you'll find a brief information in English about PTK – the council for negotiation and cooperation.

PTK in brief

PTK – the council for negotiation and cooperation, is a joint organization of 27 member unions, representing 850 000 salaried employees in the private sector in Sweden.

PTK carries on its activities – in accordance with its statutes – through an assembly, the board of representatives, the executive board, and a chief negotiators’ group.

The head-office in Stockholm is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The office is manned by 26 employees, among them lawyers, economists, public relation officers and admin personnel.

PTK's mission

PTK’s long-term assignment is negotiation and information with regard to:

  • Pensions and insurance. 
  • A web-based application for individual guidance and advice concerning pensions and insurance.
  • Agreements on transition.
  • Work environment matters. 
  • Training programmes for employee’s representatives on company boards.

ITP - occupational pension and insurance

One of PTK's main tasks is to manage an occupational pension plan, covering 80 per cent of the salaried employees in Sweden. The pension plan is based on a collective agreement concluded by PTK and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Sweden’s largest business federation.

The plan also includes compensation if you fall ill and compensation for your family in the event of death.

PTK also provides advice on pensions through its web-based application for individuals.

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Telefon: 08 - 440 85 00

Kungsgatan 57 A, 6tr, Stockholm

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Tomas Bern, Legal Counsellor, ombudsman, LL.M

Telefon: 08-440 85 38, 070-786 02 39

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A collective agreement

A collective agreement is a written agreement between an employers’ organization and a trade union which regulates the various conditions in the labour market. Collective agreements are adapted to different industries and provide basic security for the individual.

The collective agreement regulates the general conditions of employment, work injury insurance, readjustment agreements and the ITP occupational pension.