About PTK

Publicerat 2022-11-29

PTK in brief

PTK – the council for negotiation and cooperation, is a joint organization of 26 member unions, representing 1 015 000 salaried employees in the private sector in Sweden.

PTK carries on its activities – in accordance with its statutes – through an assembly, the board of representatives, the executive board, and a chief negotiators’ group.

The head-office in Stockholm is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The office is manned by 15 employees, among them lawyers, economists, public relation officers and admin personnel.

PTK’s mission

PTK’s long-term assignment is negotiation and information with regard to:

  • Pensions and insurance.
  • Agreements on transition.
  • Health and safety at work matters.
  • Training programmes for employee’s representatives on company boards.