Collective agreement

Publicerat 2022-11-29

A collective agreement is a written agreement between an employers’ organization and a trade union which regulates the various conditions in the labour market. Collective agreements are adapted to different industries and provide basic security for the individual.

Most white-collar workers in Sweden are covered by a collective agreement. Over and above regulations such as salary and working hours, the collective agreement package contains both insurance and occupational pension schemes.The collective agreement regulates the general conditions of employment, work injury insurance, readjustment agreements and the ITP occupational pension.

When you work and pay tax in Sweden you are covered by the national pension scheme. This means you will be earning a national pension in Sweden that you can collect when you retire, even if you leave the country.

Over and above the national pension scheme there are occupational pension, or in Swedish “tjänstepension” schemes or plans. The most common one for white collar workers is the ITP-plan.

The film below will take you through the basic components of the plan. You will learn how the retirement pensions ITP1, ITP2 and ITPK work. You will also learn about the group life insurance TGL and work-injury insurance TFA you are covered by and see what other insurance options you have through the scheme. Options such as various survivor’s benefits in case you pass away. These are for example, repayment-cover, or återbetalningsskydd, family-cover or familjeskydd and family-pension or familjepension.

The benefits of a Swedish collective agreement